Lighting is Everything!

Can’t appreciate good design without the right lighting, right?  Lights should sing, call out and beckon you as you enter a room.  With so many neutrals in today’s interiors lights with personality and unexpected qualities have the perfect backdrop and will elevate any space.   Your light fixtures absolutely do not need to come from the same line or even the same manufacturer, but transitioning from one space to another should make sense and a bold light in every room is not the best approach.  Let that special light shine, not fight with every light in your home.   Those grand selections stay grand when surrounded by simplicity.  

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Our design philosophy is to approach both simple and complex design projects with equal care, while providing the highest quality work within the proposed budget and timeline. The design experience we provide prioritizes strong communication, heightening the important relationship between designer and client. Our interiors exude a classically fresh and uncluttered personality. Easy-going elegance joined with sentiment and function are what give our designs enduring appeal.

Monday Morning Muse

At Carlisle Design, we seek continuous inspiration for both whole concepts and small details.  The creative community around is an important resource to our team, because the new products and ideas in design complement our classic and timeless spaces with an updated and fresh aesthetic.  This is why we started Monday Morning Muse.  No more of the Monday morning blues—unless we’re talking paint swatches! On Instagram each week we share a product or design concept that has inspired our work recently.  We hope by sharing these with you that one (or a few!) may inspire you to rethink your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen; we know that sometimes it takes just one piece to make a space feel fresh.  Our curated collection of goods are elements we have incorporated into our work that we believe are more than just quality—they are inspirational.  We aren’t doing this as sponsors or promoters of the brands and stores, either.  Our Monday Morning Muse project is simply an opportunity for us to share with you the inspiration we have found in all the creativity around us so that you can see from where we source our ideas when they manifest themselves in your homes and businesses!

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