About The Team

For over 15 years, Carlisle Design has created spaces which incorporate elements ranging from story-telling antiques to trend-setting focal points for a range of clients, both residential and commercial.  Our clients are our neighbors within the Central Pennsylvania Area as well as those in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Virginia.  

Our goal is to evoke a welcoming feeling by creating a space that is elegant, refined, discerning and of course, functional. By combining function with form, we use our spaces to their maximum potential, creating the best possible design for your particular needs. Thoughtful design creates timeless interiors.

Carlisle Design was created to give the Harrisburg area one complete source for all remodeling and interior design needs. We serve homeowners and business owners who want to improve their current spaces; whether that means starting with the construction of a new house or addition, decorating a commercial space or simply redesigning and refreshing a current space. Homeowners will appreciate our personal attention and ability to offer a range of services to fit any budget. Business owners can depend on our ability to envision and create a functional work environment by relaying consistent branding and functionality into a polished commercial space.   

Long-standing partnerships with workrooms, builders and skilled tradespeople enable us to deliver well-planned and managed projects.  These established relationships allow us to bring our clients well informed answers to questions giving them confidence that the end result not just equals their expectation but exceeds it.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

Charles R. Swindoll

Meet The Team

Whether it is a family’s home or a commercial space, life happens in our spaces, even if just for a moment. Our ultimate goal is to reflect the lifestyle of the people who interact within your space. Our team often comes together to brainstorm about a project. With our depth of creativity, our endless resources and the strength of our relationships, the end result is always original.

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